Wyoming Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Continuing Education

Regarding continuing education requirements, Chapter 4 of the Rules read:

Section 3. Continuing Education Requirements.

(a) Renewal Period. CE shall be obtained September 1 to August 31 of the year of expiration.

(b) Sponsorship. The Board shall accept CE directly related to the scope of practice defined in the Act sponsored by:

(i) ICA;

(ii) ACA;

(iii) Any CCE accredited chiropractic college or university;

(iv) Any state chiropractic association; or

(v) PACE.

(c) CE Content.

(i) Acceptable subjects shall include, but are not limited to: ethics, technique, physiotherapy, acupuncture, clinical nutrition, diagnostic imaging and interpretation of imaging, record keeping and coding classes, and other subjects as defined as the practice of chiropractic and accepted by the Board.

(ii) Unacceptable subjects shall include, but are not limited to, practice building and business management courses.

(d) Method. A minimum of eight (8) CE shall be earned at in-person conferences or hands-on training. A maximum of four (4) CE may be earned online.

(e) Waiver. The Board may grant a waiver for CE requirements to licensees who have petitioned and demonstrated just cause based on extenuating circumstances. Additionally, licensees who have graduated in the preceding twelve (12) months do not need to complete CE for their first renewal.