Wyoming Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Practice Act (also called Statute)

Practice Act, Wyoming Statutes 33-10-101 through -117

Emergency Rules

The Board of Chiropractic Examiners has filed emergency rules changes to Chapter 4, specifically Chapter 4, Section 3(d). This change will allow licensees to obtain all continuing education for their August 31, 2020 renewal via online means, if needed. You can view a copy of the emergency rule change here (clean copy, strike copy) or by clicking the red plus icon when you view Chapter 4 using the "Current Rules and Regulations" link below.

PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY: In Executive Order 2020-11, Governor Gordon has extended these and other emergency rules until the end of the public health emergency. The Governor has announced he has begun the process to end Wyoming's COVID-19 Public Health Emergency declaration effective March 14, 2022. Based on the initial executive order, the Board's emergency rules allowing for all online continuing education will be in effect for 30 days after the end of the public health emergency. In other words, these emergency rules are no longer in effect as of April 13, 2022.

The Board has previously stated they will accept any online course submissions completed or registered for prior to the end of this executive order, which again will be April 13, 2022.

Filed Rules

Current Rules and Regulations filed March 29, 2018

As referenced in Chapter 1, you can find the following incorporated materials:

Chapter 2 - Uniform Rules for Contested Case Practice and Procedure, adopted by the Office of Administrative Hearings and effective on July 20, 2017

Code of Ethics, adopted by ACA and effective in 2007

Code of Ethics, adopted by ICA and effective in 1991

Chapter 2 - Uniform Procedures, Fees, Costs, and Charges for Inspection, Copying, and Producing Public Records, adopted by the Department of Administration and Information and effective on September 6, 2016