Wyoming Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Chiropractor Application Forms

Please be informed that IMEs or chiropractors using telehealth must first obtain a Wyoming license. Please view this advisory from the Board for further clarification.

Initial Chiropractor - If a new graduate - not licensed anywhere.

Chiropractor by Endorsement - If actively licensed in another state.

Temporary Chiropractor - To obtain a 10 day temporary permit if actively licensed in another state.

Restoration - If Wyoming license has lapsed within 12 months.

Relicensure - If Wyoming license has lapsed longer than 12 months.

Reinstatement - If Wyoming license has been revoked, surrendered, suspended, conditioned, or restricted.

Chiropractic Intern Forms

Intern - Chiropractic Student

Supervising Licensee - Supervising Chiropractor for the Intern

Renewal Forms

  • A license renewal notice is sent to each licensed chiropractor at their last address of record approximately sixty (60) days prior to the expiration date of August 31st. The renewal application must be submitted online or post-marked by August 31st to be considered. When the renewal application is approved, the license is renewed for one (1) calendar year. The renewed licensee will will receive new pocket ID cards and a receipt for the renewal fee via email.

  • Please be aware the Board will NOT accept cash.

  • If your license is not renewed by August 31, YOU MAY NOT PRACTICE IN WYOMING

A renewal form will be posted once the renewal period is opened.

Other Forms

Address / Name Change Form - To request a change in your name or contact information

License Verification Form - To have your Wyoming license verified to another jurisdiction

Replacement Document Request Form - To request replacement license materials