Wyoming Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Chiropractor Application Forms

Please be informed that IMEs or chiropractors using telehealth must first obtain a Wyoming license. Please view this advisory  from the Board for further clarification. 

Initial Chiropractic License - For new graduates or those licensed in jurisdictions whose requirements are less stringent than Wyoming.

Chiropractic License by Endorsement - For those actively licensed in another state with requirements as stringent as Wyoming's.

Temporary Chiropractor - To obtain a 30 day temporary permit if actively licensed in another state.

Restoration - If Wyoming license has lapsed within 12 months. 

Relicensure - If Wyoming license has lapsed longer than 12 months.

Reinstatement - If Wyoming license has been revoked, surrendered, suspended, conditioned, or restricted and applicant no longer holds a Wyoming license.

Chiropractic Intern Forms

Intern - Chiropractic Student 

Supervising Licensee - Supervising Chiropractor for the Intern

Renewal Forms

To see if your license was renewed, go to the License Lookup page.

2023-2024 Renewal Forms were mailed to all licensees on July 7, 2023 to their last known address. 

Other Forms

Address / Name Change Form - To request a change in your name or contact information

License Verification Form - To have your Wyoming license verified to another jurisdiction

Replacement Document Request Form - To request replacement license materials